1 day to go!

This is it! One more sleep and the St Albans Film Festival will be getting into full swing! I genuinely cannot wait to feel the buzz in the air of St Albans that the weekend will bring, and I really hope the weather will hold out too, so the town can embrace this lively, cultural, family-orientated event.

As a student, I often feel we get labelled as troublesome and apathetic, but if there was ever an event to show our good side to the local community (my uni – the University of Hertfordshire is just 10 minutes down the road) the St Albans Film Festival would be it. This last month I have met young local volunteers: giving up their weekend to direct the public, man the box office, check tickets, etc.; student volunteers: getting involved with workshops, filming and interviewing to enhance their degrees; and people like myself who are just darn nosey and want to know and meet everyone they possibly can.

I have been lucky enough this week to get chatting to Abu Ullah, by chance, who’s heading up the team of media students working on filming and interviewing the event, and upon hearing about my blog – he instantly signed me up to one of the teams! Which is so handy, because I now have a little base to check in with and team to fall back on (I’m no longer a Billy  No-mates Blogger! Yay!).

photo of Abu's meeting for student film-making volunteers

Abu’s meeting for student film-making volunteers

I attended a group-meeting run by Abu at the University of Hertfordshire to have a last minute run-through of interviewing techniques and how to use the equipment and was amazed to see an entire classroom of students helping out!

With my new team-role in place, I headed over to St Albans to check in with Leoni, tell her about my chance encounter, and go over the final plans and arrangements for the weekend.

While I was there, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many new additions in the shop (can’t believe it will all be gone next week though!) and was even more delighted to receive my press goody bag of bits! From DVDs to chocolates, CDs to coupons, it was such a lovely, unexpected treat.

goody bag

Surprise goody bag

Then, it was down to business: buying my festival t-shirt, collecting my press pass and organising the events I will be covering (I have so many pretty tickets now!).


Festival clothing


Tickets galore!

I left the shop to Leoni’s chorus of “enjoy the weekend!”. I sure will!

So I sign out now, sitting amongst my mass of charging technologies (phone – check! Camera – check! Flip video camera – check! iPad – check! – all the blogger on-the-go essentials), filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation. Bring on the Festival weekend!


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