Feature film; “Vinyl” to be screened one week before UK release.

Vinyl poster


As I write this, there are only 2 days to go until the St Albans Film Festival begins! Which means we are only 2 days from the feature film Vinyl kicking of the festival this Friday (Match 8th) a week ahead of its UK release.


“I am thrilled that Vinyl will open our festival,” says Film Festival Director Leoni Kibbey.


Vinyl is directed by Sara Sugarman, and stars Phil Daniels, Keith Allen, Perry Benson and up and coming young actor Jamie Blackley. Leoni adds that ; “Sara Sugarman is a great director and it is fitting that our opening feature film is directed by a woman as it will be screened on March 8th, which is International Woman’s Day”.
The closing film of the festival on Sunday will be Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, directed by Jan Harlan, Kubrick’s brother-in-law, and one of Kubrick’s producers, who will also be giving a talk about filmmaking at the festival.


Legendary director Kubrick created some of his most famous work in the local area, where he also eventually settled until his death in 1999.


Leoni is delighted that Kubrick’s A Life in Pictures will be the closing feature, she says: “Kubrick is such a key part of St Alban’s filmmaking history and the involvement of Kubrick’s family in this festival, such as the director of this film Jan Harlan, and Christiane Kubrick (Kubrick’s widow) is very important to us.”


Kubrick’s manor was also used as a nerve centre for his film productions: the Shining was finished there, and Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut were started and completed there.








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