It starts!

So I am now here, in St Albans in the heart of the festival.

Today's the day!

Today’s the day!

Thanks to some very kind friends of Film Festival Director Leoni, I have been given a room to stay in for the weekend, just passed the cathedral (which I only saw for the first time today, and it’s beautiful!). I’ve dropped my weekend bags off at the house, with the most accommodating hosts you can imagine, and rushed straight out hunt out some wifi and get blogging. Not even the rain can dampen my enthusiasm!

The cathedral

The cathedral

So I’ve plonked myself down in Starbucks (it has free wifi, so is my second new home of the weekend), I’ve learned that iPads are awful for trying to write blogs on, and I’ve managed to make this first cup of hot chocolate last 30 mins – I’m a poor student you know, I can’t afford too many hot drinks (tweet me a challenge for how long I can go without buying a drink/ an inventive way and get in here onto the wifi for free, @SnowdonK #missionwifi- the best ideas will be featured on here and attempted :)!)

Mission wifi

Mission wifi

Anyway, must dash; there’s a film festival on, you know!


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