Makers – Our Story

Makers tickets

Whilst, unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the entire 135 minutes of this documentary, I did stay long enough to get a feel for what it was all about.

Shot in a series of different naturalistic locations (although admittedly sometimes the background noises of clinking china were a little distracting) the documentary explored the  inspirations and experiences of UK independent film makers. One of opening quotes of the feature: “We shouldn’t be trying to re-create Hollywood in the UK”, really stuck in my mind as I left the Maltings Arts Theatre.

Amongst statistics about the triumph of the UK film industry – such as “the film industry contributes £4.3 billion to the UK economy every year” and “the UK film industry directly provides 44,000 jobs in the UK and the number of extended jobs created may reach up to 95,000 annually”  a mix of film directors, cameramen, documentary makers and music video makers told their success stories  within the realms of the independent film industry.

Independent film makers are responsible for creating a large number of the millions of films we watch every year. One speaker implied he loved the challenge of being an independent film maker, stating, “I  love it because often people say it can’t be done”, whilst another championed the idea that; “In the UK there are a lot of stories to be told”.

It was fun to explore some of their journeys (albeit it a little hard to keep track as they cut between so many different independent film makers – although perhaps if I’d have stayed a little longer that may have sorted itself ) , including discovering inspiration ranging from Lord of The Rings to The Matrix, finding out who they best like to make films with (there was a touching moment about siblings in there) and understanding where their first short films came from.

The feature film really delivered the message well – that there is ‘plenty for the UK to be proud of’.


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