Vinyl Review

The Opening Film of the Festival

Vinyl Premiere

This was the first screening of the festival weekend. My full review of this will be live on Monday, but as a teaser: familiar faces, new faces, strong laughs, repetitive soundtrack (I literally hated the main song by the end of the movie), emotional moments, developed – and sometimes under-developed – relationships, smiles, triumph, true story.


3 responses to “Vinyl Review

  1. “This was the first screening of the movie in the UK”
    Apart from its UK premiere in Rhyl in July 2012
    and screening at the Raindance Festival in London, September 2012

  2. Not your mistake, you heard correctly. The person introducing the film did say it was ‘The’ premiere of the film, and the Festival programme states “this will be Vinyl’s British Premiere.”

    A Google shows that Vinyl was also previously screened at ‘The Gathering’ in Prestatyn in July 2012 and at the Ffresh Festival on 20 Feb 2013 and the Glasgow Film Festival on 21 February 2013….

    Just how many premieres can one film have…….?

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