Made in St Albans

It’s a very long time since I’ve been in a primary school assembly hall. Nearly 12 years in fact. But it was time to get re- acquainted for the Made in St Albans Film Screenings at St Peters School.

St Peters School venue

St Peters School venue

After the initial getting lost trying to find the Venue, after taking a wrong turn, my next challenge was to find a way to squeeze my bum into the tiny children’s chairs in the assembly hall (nobody said being a journalist was glamorous) but with my knees leaving just enough space between themselves and my chin to rest a notepad on, it was time to get to business and enjoy the short films made by the children and young people of St Albans.

The programme of events at St Peters School

The programme of events at St Peters School

Sadly, I could not stay for too long, as I had to rush over to the next venue for 11.00 (this event started at 10.30). But I was able to see two brilliant short films that were made and submitted by children in the age 5-15 category.

The first, ‘The Spark’ was a clever concept, about a boy looking for a good idea for a short film for his submission to the film festival. As the sound of his mothers voice echoes in his head; ‘you just need a good idea’ , the audience get to witness his light-bulb moment where an idea comes to him, and he rushes to make it into a film. The ending line: ‘this is my film’ got quite a few whispers as people around me remarked on what a clever twist it was.

The screenings

The screenings

The second film I got to watch was ‘Footsteps to the Future’ about a group of ‘Green Ambassadors’ working hard to make their school Eco-friendly. Along with the ‘Recylcing Rangers’ they take the audience on a journey through their work on creating a campaign: switch off fortnight, promoting ‘bikeability’, filling bird feeders and making compost heaps. There were a few laugh out loud moments, such as when one child, wearing blue flashing light on his head, became the ‘light police’ making sure lights in classrooms were switched off, another child; a girl with a clipboard and pen, become the water monitor and turned off taps that had been left on and boy stroking a soft toy cat, in a James Bond spoof, spoke of his anger and people not using both sides of the paper when working. The soundtrack was not overlooked and the children singing songs with green messages was a well received detail.

Cake stall for raising funds for the school.

Cake stall for raising funds for the school.

I’d have loved to have stayed longer and seen more, but to the next event I must dash! I can, however, recommend some of the cakes from the stall that was raising funds for the school!


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