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Rounding up the St Albans Film Festival

A fortnight on and all the film editing  blog proof-reading and inputting videos to posts on this blog has been completed. I’ve done a little re-vamp of the blog to keep it relevant over the next year, while Leoni will be blogging from now until the next year’s festival.

Video: with thanks to Christopher Thomson for his editting skills (christopherjthomson.com) and Alton Wahlberg for the original song (altonwahlberg.co.uk)

I suppose that just leaves me to sign off from this blog and from the St Albans Film Festival 2013. The festival was an amazing experience, and one which I was honoured to have been able to have been a part of in its debuting year.

During the weekend of the festival, I stayed with a local family and on the second morning we discussed the surrealism cinema event at the  Clock Tower and spoke of the idea of immersive cinema. Peter Trevelyn pointed out to me that if one understands the expression of ‘immersive cinema’ as being an experience of a film outside of a conventional movie theatre, the entire St Albans Film Festival was an immersive cinema experience. Leoni actually did it – a film festival, in a city with no cinema!

Being able to engage with make-up artists, stunt men, directors and choreographers meant that film lovers could enjoy the festival for so many different reasons and on so many different levels. My only regret of the weekend is that there was so many interesting things going on at once, and this meant visitors could not experience everything the festival had to offer in its entirety. Maybe next year if could be spread out over a week, instead of a weekend? 🙂

The St Albans Film Festival is already taking submissions for next year’s film competition -details of which (and submission forms) can be found here: http://www.stalbansfilmfestival.com/